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As a data Call of Duty 4 Windows 10 download layer, XML is prone to redundancies in structure and is much fitter for purpose in the UI rather than data layer space. When used in the data layer, XML can end up unnecessarily expensive due to size. Its optimization is dependant on the developer designing the structure, rather than being intrinsic in its normal modes and structures. Being optimized for data and its strong association with JavaScript has led the language to be the preferred data delivery method between servers and browsers. Despite JSON being the staple in modern app development, XML exists in many enterprise systems and has moved on from being used as a data transfer format.

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JSON itself is a language-independent data format and was a response to the need for a stateless communication protocol without the need for additional plugins to process. Data is the backbone of almost every modern app development.

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However, JSON does distinguish between strings, numbers, and booleans, whereas XML represents data as plain text. You can define data types for values in XML via XML Schema, but this is often out of reach and complicated for many beginner developers. JSON’s simple structure and lightweight nature make it much more accessible than XML. When it comes to JavaScript, JSON is extensively supported and expected. It comes packaged with framework and library setups and used extensively as a ‘map’ for packages, rules, and any other requirements.

If it does not open, right-click on the file to find a list of options for opening it with other programs. For example, Microsoft Office versions 2007 and later use XML for its document structure. So, when you save a document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you will get the document title with an "X" at the end. For a Word document, the title would be presented with ".DOCX" at the end.

However, just because JSON is currently the most talked about due to its association with JavaScript and extensive support across different languages and platforms, you shouldn’t completely disregard XML. Another major con for JSON is that it lacks formatting validation, meaning at incorrect data structures can be passed into your APIs. The defunct structure is not automatically detected or throw errors as it does with XML.