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It’s been done before but not often and usually tents require DIY mods to get the weight down that low. While I haven’t personally used MIER’s backpacking gear, we’ve decided to put this tent into the lineup for a couple reasons. I think the very generous and protective rain fly combined with relatively lightweight, large floor space, and low price make this tent hard to ignore. Best for an insanely lightweight tent with all the modern bells and whistles you could want. Best for solo hikers wanting modern amenities in a lightweight, small package.

  • As such, it’s important to always have a medical kit that’s stocked up and fresh despite being something which you hope to never use.
  • The cook set strikes a nice balance between capacity and weight.
  • Much has changed in recent years; and yet at the same time much remains the same.
  • Our other home gun safe , purchased more than 10 years ago, is simply a rectangular steel box with no customization options.
  • This has the benefit of reduced bandwidth usage, for example.

There are several websites and blogs dedicated to ultralight backpacking, and many of them have gear lists and advice. Also, talk to the employees of your local hiking and backpacking shop. A liter of water weighs a little over two pounds, and that adds up quickly. So you need to remain flexible about weight while at the same time paying it extra attention. It all depends on where you are hiking and for how long.

Gear Weight

Much has changed in recent years; and yet at the same time much remains the same. Tarps and some tents employ your trekking poles, eliminating the substantial weight and bulk of tent poles from your pack. These models can require a little more time and possibly some practice to pitch correctly—you’ll be wise to pitch it for the first time in your yard rather than during a rainstorm in the backcountry. But you’ll quickly familiarize yourself with the idiosyncrasies of one.

A mummy-cut sleeping bag with face gasket and anti-snag side zipper, this bag compresses well and maintains an excellent loft. An ergonomic draft collar prevents the escape of warm air from inside the sleeping bag and the comfortable footbox gives you a natural foot position to ensure that you are comfy and toasty. The performance mummy cut does give you a snug fit by reducing girth, weight, and bulk, whilst maximizing thermal efficiency.

Photo And Video Filtering

Let us take the guesswork out of your next project and make your unique vision a reality with UltraLights lighting. We make beautifully crafted commercial and residential decorative lighting. American made and built to order, our lighting meets a higher standard – yours. Our promise is to make your unique vision a reality. A new, ultra-portable lighting accessory designed with intuitive touch controls that provide customizable brightness and tone. Touch controls let you customize your brightness and tone until you find your best light.

Many items you carry Ultralight on backpacking trips can have more than one use. For a warm “hat” we prefer the Outdoor Research Option Balaclava. Balaclavas are warmer than a hat because they insulate your lower face and neck. A balaclava is a great combo to use with a quilt on cold nights. Only $2, a personal favorite and far lighter than “backpacking” bowls. These Ziploc Twist ‘N Loc Containers (16 fl-oz) are surprisingly durable and useful.